This is an area of photography in which I have become increasingly interested over the past few years. Partly due to a variety of circumstances which limited my time and ability to get out into the woods and nature reserves as much as I’d previously been able to do.

I set up a small studio in a spare bedroom at home on top of an old plan chest, with lights, tripod, Manfrotto autopoles etc and a black canvas backdrop. Then adapted an old copy stand along with a set of vintage bellows, a lab riser, macro rails, clamps and various other bits and pieces that I either found in my kitchen or in my late husband’s garden shed or that I adapted from other things. I then acquired a Zeiss microscope objective lens and adapter so it could be mounted onto one of my lenses. I tried it firstly on my Zeiss Touit 50mm Macro lens with the Fuji XT2 camera and whilst the results were good, I wanted to get closer still.

I then picked up an old manual Zeiss Jena 135mm lens, some extension tubes, a Photax x2 teleconverter and an M42 adapter.

Wow, did I have some fun with that lot?

I started photographing my seed and botanic collection in more close-up detail than I had ever previously been able to do and was really pleased with the results. Then I acquired a set of old microscope slides and was amazed at the detail I was able to capture with this rather old and antiquated equipment.

This is an ongoing project. I continue to experiment and try things out as I am just not quite getting the results I hoping for as yet. Quite sure my sons think I have gone completely bonkers but to me, this is what photography is about – exploration and experimentation, plus persistence.

Watch this space.