(Anemone hupehensis) Japanese Anemone flower head close up

Whilst always having had an interest in photography, Denise Swanson only took it up professionally later in life, initially covering press and editorial assignments. Having won numerous awards, with images published in books, magazines and as CD covers it was whilst shooting images for submission to the Science Photo Library she realised it was photography as an art form that held her interest. After achieving Associateship with the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) she went on to study an MA in Fine Art: Site & Archive Intervention at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) as a mature student, under the guidance and mentorship of artist Professor Lubaina Himid CBE in 2007-2009. Denise then went on to gain a Fellowship in Fine Art Photography with the BIPP, later also becoming a judge and assessor.

After achieving the MA with Merit, Denise went on to set up Oxheys Mill Studios in Preston in 2011 and found herself becoming more involved with artists working locally, often exhibiting their work, so started offering an artwork photography service, which included fine art printing after acquiring a large format printer. Word soon spread and she found herself working with museums and artists further afield. Denise then achieved the very first Fellowship in Cultural Heritage Photography with the BIPP, becoming one of a select few to hold two Fellowships. She now regularly covers arts events, exhibitions and other activities for artists, galleries and curators, in Preston and elsewhere in addition to photographing or reproducing their artworks and digitising slides..

Denise’s first love though is nature photography – she is inspired by nature and is never happier than spending time exploring, either in her garden or out in nature reserves. She loves crawling around on hands and knees photographing plants, insects and interesting shapes and forms discovered amongst the undergrowth that often go overlooked. Turning those images into works of art…