My personal photography tends to be project-based. Often I just get an idea in my head and go off to explore it in more detail and in the process, it evolves and becomes a body of work that may be quite different from how it started. Sometimes this is field based and sometimes studio.

Other times, it will be as the result of something else, for example the Nature of Plants project was a direct outcome of doing my MA in Fine Art, in itself an outcome of becoming a contributor to the Science Photo Library. The Art of Dying on the other hand was really just a happy accident and Skulls came about simply because I happened to have access to a number of them at that time, as you do.

in Rerum Natura
Peripheral Visions
Art of Dying
Impressions of Nature
Ra! (Sunflower project)
Little Houses (Husks)

On other occasions, projects may come about as the result of working to a brief for a larger project or exhibition theme. Examples of this are Woolly Thinking which was part of a larger collaborative project involving other artists at Oxheys (and through which I had access to the skulls) and Ra! (Sunflower) which was due to being part of the Turing Sunflower project.

This is what I enjoy about working project-led – I never go out aimlessly taking photographs, there is always a reason or purpose (even if I am not always fully aware of what that might be at the time!)