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Fellowships in Fine Art & Cultural Heritage Photography

fine art nature photography

Denise Swanson is a professional fine art nature photographer, specialising in flowers and botanicals. Her unique mages have won numerous prestigious awards, with some work held in permanent print collections.

Offering a more abstract view of the natural world, Denise explores the inherent patterns, textures and natural designs, sometimes with an almost impressionist style, to reveal the hidden elements of nature. She has an MA in Fine Art and Fellowships in both Fine Art and Cultural Heritage Photography with the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP). Her practice is research-led, allowing her to pursue self-initiated projects which allow more freedom for creativity and artistic interpretation, where vision and imagination can take precedence over technique or convention.

These original, artistic, colourful and contemporary images are available to licence for illustrative, commercial or editorial uses, or to purchase as fine art prints and greeting cards. Selected images can be reproduced as large canvas prints or as wall art for interior design.

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From her studio, Denise provides art reproduction photography and printing services for a growing number of artists and galleries, along with running workshops and providing consultancy services. Further details at  or

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