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Loving the V series

Since acquiring an old V series Hasselblad 500C/M, I have fallen in love with this camera. The image quality is just amazing and the dynamic range is simply gorgeous. I have played about with it quite a bit and am starting to acquire a few more accessories but I am still very much learning how to get the best from it. The first acquisition, a CFVii digital back, was essential as I knew I would not really be able to work with film now.

Despite improvements in film scanning, it was an additional step in my workflow I felt I didn't really need and I was right. The back makes it so much easier to use the 'blad, especially tethered to my Macbook Pro in the studio where I can see instantly the results and make any adjustments necessary. This is particularly useful with macro work as the depth of field is so minimal anyway and with the camera being completely manual focus it just makes things that bit trickier. It is a fun project though.

What I love about it is the fact it has slowed me down considerably - that might not be the best option for client's work but for my own projects it is just what I wanted as it gives me an opportunity to really think about what I am trying to say and concentrate on that aspect. Everything with this old camera requires a deliberate decision but it is an absolute joy to use. 

Everything about the camera is carefully thought through and is a deliberate choice. From the definite clunk of the shutter to the firm screw threads of the lenses, it just oozes quality and engineering. Every now and again we fall out, usually when I forget to add or remove lenses and extension tubes in the right order - the camera is very picky about this and when I get it wrong it just locks down, leaving no option but a screwdriver to unlock it! A bit extreme perhaps I'll learn, eventually, to let it have its own way!