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Print Info

To maintain the integrity of my work and because I enjoy doing it, I choose to post process my own images and make all of my own prints by hand, in my own print studio. Each image is prepared by making any adjustments to colour balance, fine tuning tonal range and enhancing detail already present in the image, then carefully removing any dust spots or other blemishes. All work is carried out by me to a high standard in a colour managed environment. Nothing is added that was not already there.

Prints are produced in standard sizes using the latest professional grade, high quality wide format inkjet printing technology, using 12 colour pigment inks, onto archival quality watercolour fine art paper made by Hahnemuhle, St.Cuthbert's Mill or Crane & Co. All prints meet or exceed archival requirements and are rated to last in excess of 100 years*.

Paper choice is very much a part of the final artwork, so paper is selected according to the image - some work well with a smooth rag paper, whilst others work better with some texture in the paper. Others benefit from more heavily textured paper, adding another dimension to the print. Some images can also be reproduced on fine art canvas, backlit film or other substrates but these are very much image-specific.  

Prints are always allowed to dry naturally for at least 48 hours, then are signed and numbered by me in soft pencil to prolong the longevity, usually along the bottom border of the print. Supplied ready to frame, mounted (matted) prints are presented in pulp-free, conservation quality mount board in a neutral tone. 

Special and limited edition prints are normally overmatted to show a narrow border of paper around the print. Once finished, the print is backed and placed inside a protective, archival cellophane bag. Prints are mailed flat when supplied mounted. 

Custom sizes with custom mounts are available to order, however due to the additional time involved and if mount board has to be purchased especiallly, there is a premium added to the cost and extra time will be needed. Unmounted prints can also be provided. 

 *When displayed out of direct sunlight.