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If you would like to use any of my images you need to purchase an appropriate licence. Most of the images on this site are available to licence - simply select the licence for your intended use, click Add to Basket and enter the image name or reference. After completing your purchase you will receive an email with a link to download the image in the resolution appropriate to the license you have selected. 

Image licences are charged at recognised industry rates in accordance with usage.

International orders are welcome and by paying through Paypal you may pay in your own currency. 

A new Low Res Licence for digital uses is now available at an affordable rate for either personal or commercial use.

Credit: Please note that rates are based on giving an appropriate image credit. Uncredited use requires payment of a higher rate. 

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  • 1-3: £59.00
  • 4-10: £55.00
  • 10-25: £50.00


Please ensure you purchase the appropriate licence for either personal or commercial use, for use online or in print. Personal use excludes revenue-generating websites. 

Separate licences are required for each website on which the image is to be used.

A credit is required on use i.e. photo: Denise Swanson

Use without an appropriate licence is copyright infringement. Uncredited use, unless the higher rate is paid, is an infringement of moral rights. Any instances of infringement will be pursued, which will result in higher costs than if a licence had been purchased in the first place. 

Unsure what licence you need or have a specific requirement? Please contact to discuss.

Image Licensing Explained  Terms of Use