run from my studio in Preston, these range from the Introduction to Digital Photography series which are designed to appeal to beginners new to digital photography or with compact cameras, to the Introduction to DSLR Photography for those new to digital SLR cameras. For those who already have some experience but who want to learn more there is the Digital SLR photography workshop. The Photography for Artists series are specifically geared towards visual artists wanting to learn how to photograph their own artwork.

The maximum number of participants on any workshop will be just 6, to allow a more informal and relaxed environment, with an opportunity for everyone to take an active part, ask questions and have time to learn and understand. A minimum of 3 participants is needed but for those who prefer to attend on their own, One-to-one workshops are also available, with content tailored to your specific requirements. These can be taken as multiple sessions over one or more days, or as one session per week as needed.

These workshops are designed to be short sessions which run over a period of a few weeks, rather than a long intense day session, each one leading on from the next, that can be booked individually or as a course. 


An experienced workshop facilitator and Approved BIPP Assessor, I have worked with groups of various sizes, levels of experience and all abilities, both professional and amateur photographers. I have been CRB checked and have experience of working with people with brain injuries and mental health issues and received NHS training in that respect.

bespoke talks

To find out about booking a talk or workshop in conjunction with an event or exhibition or if you have a group you would like to offer a workshop or talk to, please do contact me.