In My Bag - Storage

Part 6 of a series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)

Memory Cards

Seems crazy now to think that at one time I was using a pair of 256mb compact flash cards and that was more than enough space! I now use a pair of 8Gb cards on the Canon 5DII, a pair of 4Gbs on the Fuji and a 16Gb on the Hasselblad. Larger cards are available of course but I don't like putting all my eggs in one basket and in the studio I work tethered so find this more than enough - for now!

Portable Devices

I have been an iPhone user since the 3G and currently use a 5s. It has systematically replaced each of the various devices I previously used or cobbled together with cables so that it is now my everywhere device.

When the iPad 2 came out it was clear that this would become an amazing accessory for a photographer and having acquired one in 2011, I immediately started to see what it could offer. Initially it was a good way to back up or download images out in the field, but after trying out a variety of apps and ways of using it, I found that shooting wirelessly with my X100 offered the greatest advantage. Now clients could view images as I shot them, wirelessly. Most recently it is finding even more use in the studio as I use it to control lighting, review images and control one or other of the cameras whilst shooting tethered to the laptop. What a device!

Over the years I have used an iPod Photo, a Smartdisk FlashTrax, along with a Palm Tungsten T3 PDA, replaced them with a Palm LifeDrive which doubled as a much needed Sat Nav solution in my car and was only one device instead of three. Seems daft now to think that a lot of fiddling around with cables and accessories was needed but I was able to email or FTP images within a few minutes of taking them when doing news, sport and events - now of course, it is taken for granted but back then it was quite a neat trick. Each of the various devices was gradually replaced by something better, faster, sexier, with more storage space.

External Hard Drives

Currenty using a seagate 1Tb portable wireless drive which has replaced previous portable solutions which have now been relegated to backup duties along with an assortment of other external hard drives, each one having its own specific dutuy to perform and a central NAS drive backing up them all.


To be continued...