Peripheral Visions

Peripheral Visions is a new series of work for 2012. Still using plants as subject matter, this latest work explores how our brains interpret what our eyes actually see through the visual cortex and how that affects our awareness of objects which fall just outside our normal field of view. Subjects were photographed using selective focus and a wide aperture to limit the depth of field, causing certain areas to fall outside focus, fooling the brain.

Following on from Nature of Plants which was exhibited at the Portico in March 2011, Peripheral Visions was exhibited at the Portico Library & Gallery in Manchester during March 2012 as part of Northern Exposures. The work was also shown at Astley Hall in Chorley as part of the Printessentials exhibition during May 2012 and at Art of Ours in October 2012.

Weaker in humans than some animals, peripheral vision is the area falling outside of the central area of gaze, with the far peripheral existing at the very edge of vision