Nature of Plants

This series, which stemmed from the in Rerum Natura project, was produced for a solo show at the Portico Gallery in Manchester and features a collection of images which illustrate my desire to seek out, observe, discover and reveal the unique characteristics of a selection of botanical subjects. My aim is to reveal something of the character of each subject rather than capture them as they appear, which offers a slightly different, less familiar and more abstract view. 

Each subject was carefully selected. Within the collection are sub series in which my subjects are unrelated in their official taxonomical classifications but which I have chosen to regroup according to certain similarities that I perceive. This makes more unusual connections and interesting combinations.

To accompany the show, a book was produced featuring fine art prints of the images along with the texts that formed the show, produced in a limited edition leather volume.


In this series, simple composition and a limited colour palette are used to offer a different and abstract view of familiar subjects whilst offering stature and importance.

  • Grass Impression
  • Palm Impression
  • Poppy Seed Pods
  • Moment in Time
  • Dandelion Clock
  • Autumn Grass



This series uses a type specimen of one of several major botanical orders in an attempt to convey the characteristics by highlighting the specific detail unique to the type.

  • Apiaceae
  • Cactaceae  
  • Palmaceae  
  • Pinaceae  
  • Poaceae


The Nature of Plants series has had two successful solo shows, with sales made at each one. The prints are available to purchase as limited editions and as fine art greeting cards here

Natur of Plants - Denise Swanson

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