Art of Dying

The inspiration for this work came from observing how plants picked from my garden in summer, gradually dried out in my studio over winter. I was fascinated by the process, each week noticing the change in structure whilst the cold conditions maintained fragility.

To reflect that I photographed and created the images to resemble pencil drawings, to encapsulate the spirituality rather than emphasise decay.

Keen to explore alternative means of display, I printed the images onto paper made from bamboo then wrapped around birch wood frames then simply hung on a white wall. Miniature versions were made which visitors could pick up and handle. Accompanying the work was a small pothi or book to reinforce the spiritual connection.

Produced for an exhibition called Time, Place & Negotiated Space, curated by Prof Lubaina Himid MBE

In Tibet, the "art of dying" is nothing less than the art of living. Nothing stays the same - everything changes:

The sun sets
The wind blows
One insect eats another