fine art

Much of my more conceptual work is created for exhibition and/or installation or for a specific project I may be pursuing. I tend to work in series, so will develop a project through research and create a body of images over a period of time as I explore specific areas of interest.

This is what I enjoy about fine art photography - I can pursue my own interests rather than shooting to a brief or follow an assignment. Projects rarely end up where I thought they would, as they inevitably veer off on tangents as I discover something new or interesting about the subject.My research can also send a curved ball as information comes to light that is fascinating and intriguing and which I just have to follow further. The end results then are often unpredictable but always satisfying and I hope, more authentic.

Having my own studio now means I can pursue a different range of projects. Being outdoors, in the woods and fields and even my garden is wonderful, it is not without constraints in terms of available light and the great British weather. In the studio, I can control the light and spend cold, dark or wet days being more productive and really getting up close and personal with my subjects.

Many of the images created in this way are available to buy in my store as fine art prints either as a Special Edition or Limited Edition depending on the work but If you have a specific requirement, want to discuss use or would like to commission any work, please do contact me. 

Selected artworks

For information on how the prints are produced see print info